Corvette electrical system installation

Welded Cable Trays supports mounting

Main supports for cable tray are directly welded on structure.

Modular Cable Trays supports mounting

This solution provides many advantages such as: -Easy and quick installation -Only light tools requirement -Flexible and adjustable solution

Cable Trays Mounting

Wire cable trays -Ease the implementation of collars -Different materials -Electro-zinc steel for main purpose -316 L stainless steel for humid areas -316 L stainless steel for outdoors
Equipment Mounting

Damage supports & Modular supports
Cables Cutting

Cutting, Marking and winding
Cables routing

Power, distribution & instrumentation cables
Penetration Filling (Compound)

Watertight & Fireproof
Penetration Filling (ROXTEC)

RS Types , Frame Types
Cables Terminations

RS Types , Frame Types